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The meaning behind the name

THE MEANING BEHIND THE NAME Please note this blog is not for the faint hearted and is a real life story.   Without going into too much detail about my life and how this all begun, because that is a novel length story to be told, here is a brief story instead. In 2009 i was involved in a car accident that changed my world forever. I was extremely lucky to survive as i was pulled from a burning vehicle, although with numerous facial internal damages. For 7 years since this day i had multiple operations every year to fix a ongoing infection that kept affecting the bone. Unfortunately my story didn't get better there, after 6 years of the...

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It is all in the material

What makes our product so great and durable? When you buy work out wear you might not realize the effect a material has when you exercise. That's why we have done all the hard work and research to ensure we sell the best quality products. 3 of our favourite go to materials; Spandex; The quintessential workout fabric spandex is known for its ability to recover and stretch. It's part of almost every tight fitting activewear separate since it's critical for allowing the body to move comfortably. Nylon; is the most strong and abrasion resistant fiber compared to polyester. It has low moisture absorbency and with the right treatment it can have wicking and quick dry properties. The fibres are smooth...

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