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The meaning behind the name


Please note this blog is not for the faint hearted and is a real life story.


Without going into too much detail about my life and how this all begun, because that is a novel length story to be told, here is a brief story instead.

In 2009 i was involved in a car accident that changed my world forever.

I was extremely lucky to survive as i was pulled from a burning vehicle, although with numerous facial internal damages.

For 7 years since this day i had multiple operations every year to fix a ongoing infection that kept affecting the bone.

Unfortunately my story didn't get better there, after 6 years of the same problem occuring and the result not changing it was put into a different surgeons hands to finally fix things.

Things then took a turn for the worse and i woke from that operation being told the surgeon had slipped with the bone drill and pierced the lining to my brain.

This then meant i was back in hospital having life saving brain surgery, which thankfully even tho time wasn't on their side or my side they decided to wait for a particular surgeon to do this.

He succeeded and i went on to have rehabilitation for a year.

During these years since the day the accident first happened i had a goal to make my own business called Rival Ink as drawing was one of the only things that kept getting me through so many things, i would lose myself in hours of drawing sketches and found it therapy.

Rival was due to realizing your biggest Rival is you... i was my biggest Rival and i only had to work on me and improve me and get better every time. After every operation i would pick myself straight up and focus on my goal. The meaning of Ink is self explanatory of my drawing therapy and wanting to sell pieces of apparel with my drawings printed on them.

I was only able to get my business officially up and running in 2018 starting with Women's sports apparel as fitness and health is so important in to being the best version of you as you can be.

The biggest push to make this happen, was my daughter was born in 2018, the date which was exactly 9 years later on the date of my accident, my beautiful miracle changed the meaning of this day to so much love.

By then a similar name was taken for the business which results into the re-naming announced yesterday called RIVEOLS...

It took a lot of heart and thought going into the new name, my logo is Ri.

RI stands for Queen and Empress or King and Emperor. Which to me represents being the best version of yourself possible.

RIVELOS stands for an acronym of my last name and the meaning of this word is Idealism, Intuition, romance, generosity, creativity, wisdom and tolerance, which is everything i have learnt to be so important to make me where i am today and everything i am putting into this.

No matter what i have been through nothing has stopped me or brought me down i have become better and stronger every single day and i will only continue to do so everyday forward.

Once again i thank all of you for your amazing support and shopping at Riveols and i can't wait to continue to bring you new products which one day soon will feature my artwork.